514-370-3000 Hôtel Birks Montréal 1240 Phillips Square, Montreal, QC H3B 3H4

20 ,Jun, 2018

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Birks building in downtown Montreal sold, will become hotel

The jewellery story will have a boutique located on the ground floor, which it will share with a restaurant.

The rest of the building will become a hotel.

Construction on the building will begin May 1, 2017 with the opening of the hotel set for May 1, 2018.

Jean Salette, owner of the Hotel Le St-Martin, had been wanting to buy the location for years.

“When you see that piece of building, it is a hotel,” Salette said.

“It’s too nice to be any other building.”

Salette said the ground floor will remain largely the same and believes that the building’s new design could also be beneficial for Birks.

“Having a hotel on top them will be very good for their clientele,” Salette said.

The total cost for the purchase and renovation of the building will exceed $70 million.

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